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A Comedy Self-help Podcast to Make Life Suck Less!

Would you listen to an oracle at the supermarket?

Mar 13, 2020

This week, we bring you Oracle At The Supermarket: The American Preoccupation With Self-Help Books by Steven Starker.

Misty thought it had a lackluster title! And a lackluster cover! But GUESS WHAT? It turned out to be one of the most fascinating books we've reviewed so far!

Basically, we learn the historical context that provided American self-help to flourish since the colonies!

Steven Starker is chief, psychology service, of Portland Veteran’s Medical Center and professor of media sociology at Oregon Health Sciences University. He is the author of numerous works, including Oracle at the Supermarket and The Power of Fantasy in Human Creativity.

In this Oracle At The Supermarket book review, we cover the following chapters:

  1. The New Oracle: An introduction to the study of self-help books
  2. Gospel of Success: Early self-help books in America
  3. Power to Heal: The discovery of mind-cure
  4. Approaching the Mainstream: Self-help and the establishment
  5. Classical Self-Help: The early blockbusters
  6. Behind Closed Doors: The search for sexual guidance
  7. Boy and Soul: The oracle at mid-century
  8. The Selfish Years: Pop psychology and the “me” generation
  9. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Finding fulfillment in the 80s
  10. Prescriptions and Promises: Help, harm and hope in the genre
  11. Conclusion: Message of the Oracle

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Let us know if this changed your understanding of self-help! It definitely did for us!


Misty & Lisa