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A Comedy Self-help Podcast to Make Life Suck Less!

Who are these tiny pocket friends, anyway?

Aug 14, 2020

tiny pocket friends

Your tiny pocket friends Lisa Linke & Misty Stinnett with a book they definitely did not read.

This week, we take the time to answer a Longtime Loyal Listener request: to better get to know your hosts! 

Listen to us besties get all Terry Gross-style and ask each other some funny and serious questions. We LAUGH, we CRY, it's better than CATS!

(the original musical not the film. seriously. never the film.) 

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If you'd like to see Lisa's hilarious Dance Moms parody that Misty mentions, check out Dog Moms here

And if you'd like to check out Previs Pro, the storyboarding program Misty mentions for vision boarding, you can do that here

We hope this episode helped you get to know us better -- we love you and are always right in your pocket whenever you need us!

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Life Is Abundant,

Misty & Lisa