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Do you want to be Notoriously Dapper?

Oct 9, 2020

Calling all men, those who identify as male, and those who want to be more dapper!

This week, we're reviewing a self-help book specifically written for men! 

It's called Notoriously Dapper: How to Be a Modern Gentleman with Manners, Style and Body Confidence by Kelvin Davis.

And let us tell you, these books are rare! Even though most of the writers in the self-help genre are (white) men, the market is targeted predominantly to women. It also seems like most "self-help" books for men are actually marketed as business books, psychology, or with an academic spin -- rarely does one ever say, "Hi, I'm straight-up self-help and I am here for the boys!"

And we say yes. 

Kelvin Davis is a fashion blogger turned model and author. He founded Notoriously Dapper, a body-positive menswear blog showcasing outfits to inspire men of all sizes to find confidence in their appearance and embrace who they are. Kelvin has been featured in top-ranked media sources such as The New York Times, Glamour Magazine, BuzzFeed, The Daily Dot, Dazed Magazine, The New York Post and Huffington Post.

This book has been nominated for the NAACP Image Award and is also an Amazon bestseller in the etiquette category. 

We cover the following chapters in this Notoriously Dapper book review podcast:

  • Gentleman, Redefined
  • Gentleman Gestures
  • Modeling Good Behavior
  • Behavior at the Workplace
  • Marriage, Money & Morality
  • Family Affairs

If you want to learn more about the author, you can visit his website here.

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Life is Abundant,

Misty & Lisa