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Do you want to be Parisian?

May 17, 2019

Weird question, right? 

Nonetheless, we're reviewing a book that will help us be Parisian wherever we are!

...or some kind of heightened, stereotyped version of a manic-pixie-Parisian-dream girl?

Anyway, this week's book is How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas.

ANNE BEREST is the author of two novels and a biography of Françoise Sagan published this year; she also writes for television, cinema, and theater.

AUDREY DIWAN became a scriptwriter after studying journalism and political science. She wrote the screenplay for Cédric Jimenez's La French with Jean Dujardin and is now directing her first feature film; she is also editor-at-large for the magazine, Stylist.

CAROLINE DE MAIGRET studied literature at the Sorbonne before moving to New York to model. She returned to Paris in 2006 to found her music label. De Maigret has been an ambassador for Chanel since 2012 and supports women worldwide through the NGO CARE.

SOPHIE MAS was born and raised in Paris. After graduating from Sciences Po and HEC, she started her own film company and now works as a producer in Los Angeles, New York, and São Paulo.

Lisa and Misty dabble around the five main chapters in this How To Be Parisian book review:

  1. Get the Basics
  2. Own Your Bad Habits
  3. Cultivate Your Allure
  4. Dare to Love
  5. Parisian Tips

We're not gonna lie, this book is all over the place!

Each chapter has mini-chapters, and in this episode, some of what you’ll hear includes: Virtues of the Signature Item, How to Make Him Think You Have a Lover, Hosting a Dinner Party, How to Destabilize A Man, The Essentials (wardrobe), The Ideal Man, and more!

If you like what you're hearing, you can purchase the book here.

You can also visit the book’s website here!

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Au revoir,

Lisa & Misty